In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we are truly grateful that Phase I of Blue & Gold's campaign is well underway.  Through our fund-raising efforts, we have been able to replace the entire roof of the school and gymnasium!  In addition, through a very generous, one-time grant from the Archdiocese of Newark, Holy Trinity will be receiving a brand new gymnasium floor with a new mascot!  This latest project will commence very shortly.  Thank you to all for your support.  The impact of these much needed improvements is beyond imaginable.

Now, we turn our attention towards replacement of the basketball backboard systems, curtains, and chairs.  These improvements are necessary to ensure the gymnasium can function at its highest capacity for many, many years to come.  After all, it is much more than just a venue for sports.  It is our Events Center, and this Events Center serves not only as a gathering place for school assemblies, concerts, plays, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, but it also serves the Parish community through CCD and the Food Pantry.  This venue has truly provided for us all over the years.  These proposed additional improvements will benefit the whole community as well as showcase the pride we take in it.

Next, we will be working on enhancing life within the classroom itself.  Working in conjunction with Dr. Ellis and Father Anthony, we are planning several new ventures including a new PA system which will enhance communication and security throughout the school.  We are also investigating the potential for a media room which will not only provide the latest advancements in academics through technology, but also stimulate cultural development through interactive discussions from around the world.  Lastly, we are seeking customized floor mats and a kitchenette for the Events Center which will further enhance the experience of the community when utilizing the venue.

If you are interested in supporting any of our latest endeavors, please consider making a contribution.  It will be an investment in a structure that provides for and supports academics, athletics, the arts, community, and Christian giving.  Thank you, Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless!