We are pleased to announce that Phase I of Blue & Gold's campaign is underway!  Through your generosity, and that of Holy Trinity Parish, we have raised $230, 000 to replace the roof of the school and gymnasium.  In addition, we will be painting the ceiling of the gymnasium as well as replacing all of the curtains.  The project will commence in July with a completion date scheduled for August.  As you know, this project was a necessity, and its achievement is truly quite an accomplishment that could not have been reached without your compassion, interest, and donations.  On behalf of Blue & Gold and Holy Trinity School, please accept our sincere gratitude.  God Bless You!

Blue & Gold is constantly looking ahead to maintain and improve opportunities, educational resources, extracurricular activities and facilities.  With that in mind, we look ahead to our next goal which is replacing the Holy Trinity gymnasium floor.  As you know, the gymnasium serves our whole community. It is much more than just a sports venue as it is also used as a gathering place for school assemblies, concerts, plays and more, as well as a host venue for both the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.  It also serves the Parish community through CCD and the Food Pantry.  The gymnasium has served many of us well over the years, but it has taken its toll, and thus it is time to renew and replace the floor so many more can use and enjoy it for years to come.  As is always the case, this next phase can not be accomplished unless we all work together as a community and make a joint effort.  As such, we call upon your generosity and hope you know your donation will be an investment not only in a structure, but in that of athletics, the arts and in Christian giving.  Please be on the lookout for how you can contribute.