Dear Alumni and Friends of Holy Trinity,

The year 2015-16 is a significant and meaningful moment in our school history as it marks the 100th year of Catholic Education in Westfield, NJ. There is so much to celebrate during our 100th Golden Jubilee. It is an opportunity for or to come together as a school community to remember, reminisce and be proud of our accomplishments and achievements.

Throughout the school's history, Holy Trinity has provided its students with the opportunities, educational resources, programs, and facilities to grow in their faith, to learn and achieve academically, to develop talents and skills in extracurricular activities and to lead and serve through community service experiences.

Over the last two years, we have established the Holy Trinity Blue & Gold Foundation. B&G is dedicated to raising funds to been committed to advancing Catholic Education by providing present and future students with the very best in educational instruction, facilities, equipment and programs.

As we enter our 100th Golden Jubilee school year, we find ourselves in a moment of great opportunity. We have a chance to build upon the accomplishments of the first hundred years. I ask that you reflect on the impact Holy Trinity has had on your life as you consider your support of the 100th Anniversary Campaign.

Holy Trinity is a very special school. I hope that you will recognize the promise 100th Anniversary campaign holds for the school, its students and its future. Working together, we can achieve our campaign goals and ensure that the Catholic Education continues in Westfield for the next one-hundred years.

Please join us in celebrating our 100th Anniversary Campaign and "May Jesus Live In Your Hearts...Forever"


Brendan Murray, President

Holy Trinity Blue & Gold